In this episode, Ryan and Macy assess the pros and cons of choosing to build your tiny house on a trailer versus a foundation.


Ryan Mitchell

Macy Miller

Show Notes:

Episode 28 – Difference between house on foundation and a Tiny House on Wheels (THOW)

  • Intro
  • Podcast overview/call in requests
  • Today’s topic: difference between house and THOW
  • Normal house dealing with water
  • THOW unique water situations
    • Cassie calling in
  • Normal house dealing with water
  • THOW unique water situations
    • when you’re driving
      • water can be pushed up
      • water can be pushed front to back
  • Venting on a tiny house
    • what do Ryan and Macy do?
  • Rain screen
    • Paint back of siding
  • Ridge venting
  • Vapor barrier on bottom of floor framing
  • Don’t drive when its raining
  • Podcast details/call in requests
    • 704.559.9577

Current builder callout:

http://chrisandmalissa.com/  Chris and Malissa’s tiny house

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  1. I’m new. Will call eventually. Thanks for doing this. All of it. We have to start somewhere. I am not as young as you. I am not about to retire. I am not planning on going small or tiny because of retiring. I’m going tiny because the opposite is absurd. You/we must revisit this topic because rain and moisture are important, but the subject about trailer vs foundation was not truly answered. Can I help? My perspective might be worth something. I’m on FB but it doesn’t relate to this subject. But, maybe we can introduce all these peeps on my FB accounts to going smaller, leaving a positive impact on the planet.

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