Episode 3.5 - Where Do I Even Start

This is Macy’s first ‘tweenisode’, short for ‘in between episode’.  In it I address my recommended line of action to start navigating the tiny house path, it doesn’t take money to buy land or even your build, you can get started with no cash in hand!


Show Notes:


  1. I just bought a tiny house in Alaska! It is amazing how if you decide to just go for living your values you can make it happen! I love compact-ness!

  2. After doing months of research and thinking and trying to figure out what I do and don’t want to live with in my thow that I plan to have my builder-friend help me I started feeling scared and overwhelmed. So, I put down my sketch book and had almost thrown in the towel until finding your webpage. I’ve been reinspired and look forward to trudging ahead with my plans. Thank you very much. Please keep up the good work!!!!!

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