In this episode Macy grills Ryan about the details of setting up a solar array and all the decisions that go into that.  We get into how to calculate size needed, costs associated, how you can conserve power in easy ways and more!


Show Notes:

Ryan Mitchell

Macy Miller

Show Notes:

  • Setting up Solar
    • What types of solar are there (pros/cons)
      • electrical – What we will be focusing on
        • grid tied
        • direct coupled (source to power, no storage)
        • battery storage
        • hybrid system
      • hydro
      • thermal
    • Types of PVs
      • parallel vs in series
    • What are the components of a PV system
      • Panels
      • charge controller?
      • interconnect/breaker
      • Inverter
      • Batteries
      • electrical devices
    • How far is technology currently?
      • Overall payback period?  varies
    • roof mount vs ground mount – site considerations
    • How do you calculate how many panels are needed?
      • kill-a-watt
      • Energy survey
      • Apply watts (watt hours)
      • Volts, Amps, Watts
    • Costs?
    • General rules:  What should NOT run on solar? (or can you reduce your needs by altering)
      • Microwaves
      • hair dryers
      • heaters
      • Stoves
      • Water Heaters
      • Heat sources in general
    • What is the best kind of light to run off solar (energy wise)



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  1. Get post! It seems like some has changed in a year. We learned that Tesla’s Powerwall is actually a pretty affordable solution for battery needs (3 grand) but the problem is getting one! I am building a cabin this summer and wanted to be totally off grid but as I get into real costs I don’t see how I could spend less than $10,000 to have energy. I just won’t be able to swing it. Problem is it will take me probably $4,000 just to tie into the grid. But at this point it might be the only option I can afford.

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