episode 4 bannerToday we talk about our tiny houses, our journey and how its impacted our lives since we’ve moved in.  Ryan and Macy share a bit about their lives in this episode of Tiny House Chat.   This is part 2 of a 2 part series.


Show Notes:

  • Macy Miller
  • Ryan Mitchell
  • Macy’s motivations
    • Her background in Architecture
    • She wanted a hands on project
  • Ryan’s motivations
    • Losing his first job out of graduate school
  • The design process
  • When to DIY vs Hire a builder
  • The life of a tiny houser
  • Opportunities of tiny living
  1. Hi there- I love all the great info you are giving about your lives, but could you do a “our houses” part 3 and discuss the brand of appliances you chose and why (also any brands you heard were bad). I’m currently obsessed with the kitchen and was looking for advice on ovens/stovetops especially for people who plan to do a lot of cooking. Thanks!

  2. This is great feedback, I know plenty of people who we could gather info from for this! Right now we have a few calls to cover, the phone calls go to the front of the line, if you want us to get to it faster you can call into 704.559.9577 and leave it there! If not we will get to it eventually! Great suggestion! Thank you!

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