Episode 3 - RVIA Certification and Tiny Houses

In this episode of Tiny House Chat we talk about what sorts of regulations are on tiny houses and those that are coming down the line.  This is an extra long cast, we won’t make a habit of that!  It covers what is going on across the country and tries to help clarify a future path to a legal tiny house.


Show Notes:

  • Macy Miller
  • Ryan Mitchell
  • What is RVIA Certification
  • ‘These builders can provide a Recreational Vehicle, Vehicle Identification Number (RV VIN) and RVIA decal for their tiny homes. If you’d like your tiny house to be in an RV park, an RV VIN and RVIA decal are important. They’re also helpful for obtaining insurance.’ – www.TinyHouseCommunity.com
  • Costs
  • Who can be RVIA certified and how
  • Alternative systems
  • Parking and RVIA certification/state requirements (which states require it?)
  • DIY certification effects and options
  • Podcast question line  704.559.9577 (leave us a voicemail!)


  • Spotlight!  Jesse Collingsworth, Tiny Idahomes  Website  / Facebook  Jesse is an RVIA Certified tiny house builder who has very graciously made himself available as a resource for others.
  1. Hi Guys!

    I love the podcast, please keep up the great work 🙂 I’m looking into the whole tiny house movement and just listened to your podcast about RVIA certification. I went on their website but could not find the list of states that require it. Can you please point me to a link that will have that info? or let me know which states they are, I think you said 14 on your website. Many thanks!


    • Hop on the RVIA website, that’s the best place to find all that info. Google RVIA for the address.

  2. Afternoon! How do I obtain RVIA Certification. ?.I Am A Licensed Builder In S.C

  3. How do I obtain RVIA CERTIFICATION FOR S.C?

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