In this episode we talk about where and how you can use reclaimed and repurposed materials in your tiny house build.


Show Notes:

Ryan Mitchell

Macy Miller

Show Notes:

      • Reclaimed vs repurposed
      • Used vs not used
      • What you SHOULDN’T use used reclaimed for
        • Anything structural
          • What is structural
          • Studs/sheathing/roofing/brackets/strapping/nails/fasteners
          • Exception: Trailer.
        • Plumbing lines
        • Electrical Wires
        • Unused reclaimed materials that have been protected from the weather can be used
      • What you CAN use reclaimed/repurposed for
        • Nonstructural components
        • Non structural walls
        • Finishes
        • Fixtures
        • Trim
      • Considerations:
        • high speeds



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