In this episode we talk about how tiny houses are hooked up to utilities including water and power.  We also talk about how waste water is handled and some considerations that go into these in freezing temperatures.


Show Notes:

Ryan Mitchell

Macy Miller

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    • Power Options
      • Shockingly Simple Electrical For Tiny Houses
      • Solar/Hydro
        • Grid tied or not
        • Batteries
        • Con: Cost, overcast days/climate
      • Grid Tied
        • Various Ties: 15amp/20/amp/30amp/50amp/direct tie
        • Power limitations
        • Calculate amps needed to determine
        • Panel Placement
      • No Power
    • Water Options
      • Potable Water Hose
      • Heat Tape
      • Storage containers
        • Cons: Heavy/refilling
        • Winter conditions
      • Hose connection
        • Cons: Exposed to weather
        • POTABLE hose
        • Winter Conditions
      • Well
        • Cons: big cost setup comparatively
        • Pumphouse
    • Wastewater
      • French drain
      • Collection/reuse
        • Make sure its GREY water, not black.

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  1. The heat tape URL is a duplicate of the potable water hose link. What should the heat tape link be? Thanks!

  2. if you decide to go the no electricity rout then there are some small solar system for just charging cell phones and laptops.

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