Meet Your Hosts

Current Hosts

Ryan Mitchell lives in Charlotte, NC. He has been leading the Tiny House Movement for years now and had decided to become a part of it by launching his website back in 2009. He built and is currently living in his tiny house. He focuses on alternative housing options and sustainable local agriculture as key components to meet future needs. His expertise includes tiny house construction, systems, codes and zoning.

Amy Henion is a tiny house advocate and enthusiast. Passionate about houses and design her whole life, her discovery of the tiny house movement in 2012 reignited her dream of building her own home. During her tenure as a student at Northeastern University, she delivered an official TEDx talk called “What Exactly is a Tiny House?” Since then, she has appeared on various news outlets and at tiny house workshops and events as a speaker and educator.

Past Hosts

Macy Miller is a Rocky Mountain native and the creator of As a LEED accredited architectural designer she is a passionate promoter of good design, healthy living, and the tiny lifestyle. She built her own 196 s.f. tiny house and has been living in it full time with her partner, daughter, son, and her Great Dane, Denver since June 2013.