In this episode I talk about getting intimate in a tiny house and address some of the main concerns I’ve heard.


Show Notes:

Macy Miller

  • Tiny House People¬†Facebook Group

  • Topic: Tiny House intimacy

    • Closeness?
      • you have to like your partner
    • What do you do when you need space?
      • Take a walk
      • there are different parts of the home
    • Intimacy
      • Where
        • all the same rooms of the house
      • How
        • Lofts with headspace
        • Whole other floor
        • Get creative
      • Privacy from kids
        • What parent has a great sex life as it is
        • Walls
        • away time
        • nap times
        • sleep overs
        • friends houses
        • no eRocking house


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