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In this tweenisode I share my version of a guide to getting started.  After listening to Macy’s episode I thought it might be fun to have my own take on how to begin your journey to tiny houses.


Show Notes:

Ryan Mitchell

In this episode

  • Why do you want to live in a tiny house
  • Planning your journey
  • Anticipating road blocks and dealing with doubt
  • basic approach to design
  • Learning the skills to build
  1. Hey! I’m loving this podcast and I’m so glad I finally found it! Thank you so much for your help and insight in my planning process. While I’m really late in listening to this, I did have one point I want to bring up in regards to your debt viewpoint.
    Part of the reason I’m choosing to go tiny is because I have so much student debt. My parents weren’t able to help me much and while it would be great to go into a tiny house debt free, I know that by the time I pay off that $50k and continue to pay rent I’ll be losing more money than if I save for a tiny house now and, while living in the tiny house, put the money I would have been paying in rent towards my student loans.
    Just wanted to put a different side of the story in 🙂 I would love to meet you and your team sometime, I currently live in Raleigh.
    Thanks again, Ryan! Keep up the amazing work.

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