Ep26Need help funding your tiny house build? Ryan and Macy discuss the ins and outs of corporate sponsorships and fundraising.


Show Notes:

Ryan Mitchell

Macy Miller

Show Notes:

  • Today’s topic: Sponsorships and Fundraising
    • Call from Carl
  • What did Ryan and Macy do?
  • Ryan’s Rant
  • Considerations about fund raising and sponsors
    • What’s in it for them?
    • Your influence and reach
    • Metrics
    • Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Donations, etc
    • http://minimotives.com/2013/01/30/sponsorships-a-how-to/
  • Current Builder Callout:
    • Andrew Odom:  http://tinyrevolution.us/store/tiny-rev-products/Wrap up
  • Closing
    • Podcast details/call in requests
    • 704.559.9577
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  1. Really enjoyed this podcast in its early episodes. Yes too many rants now.

    I am a part of the community that you supposedly speak for, a tiny house builder as well as a small business owner with a brand and a platform, just like you.

    If I were listening to this podcast episode to get help with fundraising because I didn’t have a lot of money, I would have found it extremely disappointing to hear people in need who find themselves without great brand identity or magical offerings as perks, that they don’t represent the tiny house community well when they run a kickstarter or indiegogo.

    What y’all were really trying to say is to stop hitting you up if you’re running a crowdfunder campaign. No help here.

    Ironic in the midst of the episode y’all are describing all the ways you got local businesses to help you.

    Anyway I don’t think you speak for the entire tiny house community, but I guess maybe y’all think you do. But it’s just a podcast and a blog. A lifestyle choice that clearly is available to anybody who can raise money any way they can. Not to mention a lifestyle choice that lends itself to the financially challenged.

    Additionally to refute Macey’s point that this isn’t what these platforms are for, Indiegogo has started an entire branch for people who need life help (https://life.indiegogo.com/?gclid=CJbO3_ylz8QCFZNafgod3DYAqw) that has absolutely no fees associated to the person fundraising. I think it’s a pretty cool way to help people who say… need a home but don’t have a brand or magical incentives to offer up.

    Anyway, it’s not for everybody I guess, I just think this podcast used to be more about useful information and less about y’alls pet peeves or whatevs.

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