Today’s episode is bittersweet. As her family grows and her goals change, Macy will be taking on new projects and sadly must bid Tiny House Chat goodbye. Thanks so much to Macy for being a great co-host! She will certainly be back in the future as a guest on the podcast.

Amy Henion will be stepping in as the new co-host of Tiny House Chat. Stay tuned for new episodes coming soon!


Ryan Mitchell

Macy Miller

  1. Thanks for such an amazing podcast. Macy will be missed but I know we’re all excited to hear more from the next episodes of Tiny House Chat.

  2. Hi, I just wanted to echo what AJ said. I’m really sorry to hear that Macy is stopping. I’ve enjoyed the episodes so far and I look forward to hearing the future ones. Thank you for your contribution, Macy!

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