What goes into designing a tiny house? Ryan and Macy discuss all the ins and outs of tiny house design in this episode.


Show Notes:

Ryan Mitchell

Macy Miller

Show Notes:

Episode 22 – How to Design A Tiny House

  • Today’s topic: Utilities Setup
  • Design – How to
    • determining functions
      • post it notes on rooms
    • determining needs
      • take trips/living out of a back pack or hotel
    • determining possessions
    • form followed the function
      • what my house does for me
      • what were my needs of the house
      • storage followed my possessions
    • List of wants
  • Podcast details/call in requests
    • 704.559.9577
  • Current Builder Callout:
    • Ryan’s Intro Post: http://thetinylife.com/welcome-to-the-tiny-life/

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