In this episode Macy Miller and Ryan Mitchell talk about building codes as they relate to tiny houses.  We go into square footage requirements, tiny houses on trailers and much more!


Show Notes:

  1. Just when I thought you guys could not get any more awesome, you do this!

  2. I guess I bumped into you guys just on time. I am starting my serious search for information on tiny houses. I have been a big fan of them the past year or so and have decided to take the plunge. Although I am not ready to build my own by any stretch of the imagination, I am however ready to start taking notes. I have a hard time sketching out the plans I want especially to scale. Is there a simple way to do this? Thank you. Nadine

    • Nadine,
      Try using graph paper to draw out the shape of your tiny house and cut out the shapes your different furniture and appliances to scale using a second sheet of graph paper and arrange them in different ways until you find one that works for you.


  3. oops, my bad. I just realized you are talking about tiny house codes. Maybe you can save my question for a more appropriate episode. Nadine

  4. There’s another option in dealing with codes and variances. Get to know your local elected representatives. If you’ve been turned down for a variance from the planning department or planning commission, you can always appeal to the city or county council if your variance request is turned down. It helps if you’re not adversarial in your dealings with planning staff initially. Look at it as part of your job is to educate them on the benefits of tiny house living for your community. If you don’t accuse them of just trying to generate revenue, they’ll listen to you better. Just be prepared with facts to counter their lack of knowledge.

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