episode bannerIn this episode we talk about buying a trailer before you have a design.


Show Notes:

Ryan Mitchell

Macy Miller

Show Notes:

  • Episode 24
    • What did Ryan and Macy do?
    • Choosing a trailer – brief
    • Considerations of the trailer that impact the design
    • Current Builder Callout:
      • Kaufman Trailer
      • Big Tex Trailer
  • Wrap up
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  1. Let’s re-visit Macy’s argument on why a steel trailer is better than an aluminum trailer as her argument is incorrect.
    1st – Aluminum yields before failure just like steel, albeit with less elongation. It’s not carbon fiber which shatters. Al is a metal and exhibits metallic behaviors.
    2nd – A trailer rating is a trailer rating, don’t think that an aluminum trailer is weaker than specified.

    SUPPORT – 1 – Aluminum is weaker, but that does not mean than an aluminum product is weaker. The Tesla Model S is an aluminum body, and it’s one of the safest vehicles on the road. Safest.
    SUPPORT – 2 – Aluminum has a higher strength to weight ratio to steel which is why it’s become the accepted material for vehicles, bicycles, framing, and trailers. Accepted.

    BONUS – Aluminum does not corrode in the majority of alloys.

    that said, good discussion

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