In this episode we talk about all the things to consider and questions you should be asking to build a relationship with the RIGHT tiny house builder.


Show Notes:

Ryan Mitchell

Macy Miller

Show Notes:

  • Where to look:If you are looking for a List of builders Annie has a good one started Tiny House Resource HEREwww.tinyHouseMap.comLocal builders/contractors (post in Craigslist)

    GO House Go Book

    Questions To Ask:

    • Ask for references (and call them!) see pictures of previous houses/projects ad get the testimonials if possible.
    • Ask what kind of warranty they offer on work?
    • Check for complaints via the Better Business Bureau.
    • Is he/she a licensed & insured manufacturer?
    • Are the finished models titled?  What is that process?
    • How long have they been building?  How many tiny houses have they completed?
    • Do they deliver?  Where?  Shipping charges?
    • Are they RVIA certified? (I think this one will become more and more important as time goes on, just a guess though…)
    • What is the timeline to completion?
    • When can they start? (a good portion of builders are booked WAY out!)
    • What their communication level is during the process? Do they have a blog where they post constant updates and photos? YouTube videos? Is visiting the site okay?
    • What kind of insulation do you use (consider your climate on if this it important to you)
    • Ask a lot of questions about material type and quality. This is where you can bring up your requests too which will greatly help inform a quote.
    • Ask about the trailer, what is the max weight and what will the house weigh completed?
    • Is the trailer new or used?
    • How the structure is attached to the trailer? (you don’t have to know the right answers but they had better have AN answer )
    • How do they handle moisture protection on the exterior
    • How do they plumb the house?
    • Do you build to electrical/mechanical codes?



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