On this episode of Tiny House Chat, Ryan and Amy continue discussing the ins and outs of regulating air quality in a tiny house. They’ll chat about cleaners, cooking moisture, and the digestive aftermath of Mexican food (and why you shouldn’t worry about it). Enjoy!


Show Notes:

Episode 36 – Air Quality Part 2


  • Today’s topic: Air Quality
    • Max Calling in
      • Cleaners
        • Substitute green cleaners for conventional ones
        • Vinegar, essential oil, lemons
      • Moisture & Airflow
        • Formaldehyde concerns
        • Large homes have air gaps that let air in and out
        • No air circulation builds up pressure in a tiny house
        • Air exchange systems, fans & opening windows and doors
      • Unpleasant Smells
        • Not much different from a regular house
        • Crack a window, put on a fan
        • Keep the house clean

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  1. Thank you for using my question about air quality. I found a good number of small hrv units on amazon, that fit the bill in terms CFM, physical size, and low power draw.

    I think an HRV unit is essential in a tiny space, especially for people that have chemical sensitivity.

    Thank you.

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