On this episode of Tiny House Chat, Ryan and Amy discuss the nuances of regulating air quality in tiny houses. Find out about regulating humidity, how heat regulation ventilation (HRV) systems can fit into a tiny house, and why Amy’s pillow is really, really heavy. Enjoy!


Show Notes:

Episode 35 – Air Quality Part 1


  • Podcast overview/call in requests
  • Today’s topic: Air Quality
    • Max Calling in
      • Moisture Issues & Humidity
        • Buy a cheap humidity meter
        • Invest in a dehumidifier
        • Plants can help stabilize humidity
      • Build your house with air quality in mind
        • Invest in green materials to minimize off-gassing
        • Sheep wool insulation
        • Minimize plastics and synthetics
        • Don’t underestimate off-gassing in paints, furniture, mattresses, etc.




The Tiny Life

  1. Hey Ryan,

    I just finished listening to this podcast and you mentioned ERV ventilators,but you’ve never heard of them being used in a tiny home because they’re too darn big! Well I think I stumbled upon a solution to that and I’ll let you take a look at it. Here is the link: http://www.ventilation-system.com/cat/617/

    If you look at the details you’ll see that on speed to one of them should be enough to provide whole tiny house energy recovery ventilation!

  2. Love it! Yes, so important in any home and more so in the tiny home. I’d love to help with advice or products 🙂 Planning a tiny home community here in ABQ too! Cathy with Southwest Green Home Center.

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